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Guests may enjoy Granda Reservoir, of renowned wildlife and ornithological interest.  There are outstanding monumente of cultural interest in the area...

A visit to the protected landscape of Cape peñas is a must, with its cliffs, birds, flora and fauna.

Guests may enjoy all this via signposted hiking trails, or by carrying out activities such as sea, river or reservoir fishing, scuba diving courses, sailing, canoeing, gastronomical celebrations of llampares, oricios, pretty, sardine, ribs, rides (on horseback), mountain routes (tips of Europe, Cares, the Xanas), the bears path etc. 

Cape Peņas
Trekking routes: 

A visit to the protected landscape of Cape Peñas: 
Important beaches:

Beach of Luanco:  5,5 Kms.

Beach of Bañugues: 7 Kms.

Beach of  Xago: 14 Kms.

Beach of Verdicio: 18 Kms.
Stroll by Luanco
Stroll by  Luanco:

Marine museum:
Port of Luanco: 5,5 Kms.:

Port of Avilés: 9 Kms.:

Port of Gijón: 24 Kms.:

Port of Bañugues: 9 Kms.
Port of Llumeres: 10 Kms.
Cape Peñas lighthouse: 19 Kms.:

San Juan lighthouse: 12 Kms.:

San Antonio lighthouse: 5,5 Kms.:
Cities and places of interest
The cities and places of interest more important:

Stroll by Candás:  http://www.pdixital.org/icandas.htm
Aviles:  http://www.el-caminoreal.com/monumentos/asturias/centro_costa/aviles.htm
Oviedo:  http://www.oviedo.es/la-ciudad/prerromanico
Gijón:  http://www.gijon.es/callejero/Ficha.asp?Directorio=63
The lakes of Covadonga:  http://www.picoseuropa.net/lagos/index.php 
Monte Areo: http://www.pdixital.org/monteareo.htm
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